Natural Elements Massage & Spa

Therapy Packages

1* Package- Reiki plus Positive Psychology and Coaching  

Attendance protocol: 5 Reiki sessions allied to Positive Psychology to work: 

  • 1st Session: POSITIVE EMOTIONS + Reiki + Foot Bath
  • 2nd Session: SOUL ENGAGEMENT + Reiki + Art Therapy
  • 3rd Session: RELATIONSHIPS + Reiki + Candles
  • 4th Session: PURPOSE OF LIFE + Reiki + Crystals
  • 5th Session: VITALITY AND WELL-BEING+ Reiki + Forces and Values


2* Set of Magical Therapies

One hour/day package with 4 sessions.

Sessions include a blending of all our Magical Therapies: 

  • Reiki
  • Access Bars
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Crystals
  • Foot Bath
  • Candles and Essential Oils

Each session you will receive a different surprise!


3* Facial Bio Therapy + Integrative Energy Massage 

A combination of massages for your head, neck, feet and hands plus integrative therapy will be used to restore your body to a place of relaxation and balance your chakras. 

Service protocol:

  • Step 1: CLEAN- Facial Cleansing Foam
  • Step 2: EXFOLIATE- Facial Exfoliation
  • Step 4: ENERGIZE/MASSAGE - While the mask acts, application of CRYSTALS and energization of CHAKRAS.  Massage for head, neck, feet and hands with moisturizing and revitalizing creams
  • Step 5: FINISH- Application of Facial Serum with Vitamin C and Sunscreen