Massage Therapists

Debbie Hoerner, the Founder of Natural Elements Massage & Spa, has been a licensed massage therapist for 18 years. Graduating from Steiner School of Massage Therapy in Nevada. With an excellent sense of touch, finding those tight, knotted muscles and unwinding them. Incorporating an invigorating firm touch, warm stones and towels, reflexology and a warm cozy bed. You can choose customized essential oils with your organic lotion or oil. Come in and treat yourself to a luxurious, relaxing therapeutic massage.

She's attended the school of herbal detoxification with Dr. Robert Morse in Sarasota, Florida. This is a complete body detoxification system that will get the sludge out and your body back operating at an optimally functioning level.  If you are looking to do a two or 4 week detox or have a serious threat going on this program is for you. This detox works..... you will not believe the transformation. Let the body heal thyself! 

Beth Thomas specializes in shoulder and neck massages, graduating with a background in injury recovery from the massage therapy program at the University of Western States in Portland, OR. She is known for delivering world class treatments, designed to soothe the mind and restore the body. Beth’s scope of practice includes deep pressure ashiatsu massage, headache relief, foot, scalp, and facial reflexology, aromatherapy, myofacial release, cupping, deep tissue and relaxation massage techniques.  She is an avid skier, mountain biker, whitewater rafter and lover of the Flathead Valley!

Michael Hewitt,  Performs deep tissue massage, sports medicine, certified cupping therapist, postural alignments and evaluations, prenatal massage, infant and child massage, guided imagery, Ayurvedic Massage, Swedish massage, works with patients with Fibromyalgia and spinal surgeries and fusions, physical therapeutic medical massage on all aspects of postural distortions including surgical rods and plates. Always customer service oriented, customer comfort and concern a top priority, community service oriented and serves Post Traumatic Stress and ADHD patients. Certified in working with clients with blood borne pathogens (Aids,Hep C, etc.)

Kasey Hutchinson has been practicing massage therapy for 8 years. She graduated from Marquette School of Therapeutic Massage, a small facility located on the shores of Lake Superior. Blending modalities of Tibetan massage, medical massage, intelligent deep tissue and more, her unique sessions are both soothing and therapeutic. Kasey has provided massage for thousands of people from all around the world and with various medical conditions. Her breadth of knowledge and experience allows her to provide healing on a wide variety clients.

 Yvette Bennett is a 2008 graduate from the Montana Institute of Massage Therapy. She has worked at the main spas in the Flathead for the last 8 years bringing with her extensive knowledge of massage, body scrubs and wraps. She is certified as an official Bellanina Facelift Massage expert. You will leave feeling very relaxed and pampered.

Katie LaBlanc Miller, Is not available for online booking, please call to make an appointment. Hailing from the State of Maine I graduated from the New Hampshire Institute of Therapeutic Arts~School of Massage Therapy, in 1999. I then practiced full-time as a State of Maine Licensed Massage Therapist for 13 + years. Additionally, my bachelor degree in Community Health Education has provided all sorts of tools which have helped hundreds of massage clients to make positive health choices/life changes. I have had the honor of working for/with Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, several day spas and several partner licensed massage therapists. I have treated many athletes, sports injury rehab clients, chronic pain clients, and for women's health issues with success. I can provide that deep healing, melt into the table, incredibly relaxing massage, yet most of my clients see me to help break down pain patterns through neuromuscular and deep tissue massage.