CBD Products

Mary's Nutritionals

Pulling together a team of physicians, chemists, botanists & nutritionists,  Mary's has created an unrivaled line of products enriched with hemp extract & other whole-plant nutrients designed to provide an effective and natural alternative for health & wellness. All materials and products are laboratory tested for quality, accuracy and consistency. 

Elite Compound          $45.00   A spot-specific transdermal balm formulated for much deeper penetration than                                                                      traditional topicals. Contains 100mg of activated hemp extract.

Bath Bombs                 $12.00    Mary’s bath bombs create an oasis in the bath with the Calm Bomb or Boost Bomb!

Burn-Out Mist             $45.00   Great for injures especially burns, and works beautifully on acne. 

Massage Oil                 $35.00   Designed to hydrate and rejuvenate your skin while easing the inevitable aches and pains                                                        of an active lifestyle. 

Muscle Freeze             $35.00    Combines natural plant extracts for a soothing, deeply penetrating cooling effect.

Transdermal Patch     $10.00    Mary’s Elite Patches are 2×2 laser-cut squares that contain 10mg of hemp extract, which                                                           is gradually released over 8-12 hours.

Remedy Oil                 $75.00   Mary’s best-selling concentrated tincture contains 500mg of activated hemp extract

                                                     in a 15mL bottle, cinnamon oil, myrrh, and sweet almond oil. The Remedy packs

                                                     250 servings into just a half ounce bottle where only one single drop under the

                                                      tongue constitutes a 2mg dose.