Acupuncture & Herbs

New Patient Consultation-1 hour 20 minutes:  $75.00

What to expect: Patient will have one on one time with Rachael A Rodriguez (Dipl .O.M.) where a detailed intake of patient's health history will be taken.  A comprehensive treatment plan will be created and a 20- 30 minute acupuncture treatment will be administered.  Depending on the length of patient's health history other modalities may be utilized such as: Moxa, Cupping, Gua Sha, or Tuina.  

Patients will receive paperwork via email to fill out before the treatment.  Patients also have the option of arriving 30 minutes early for your appointment to fill out the paperwork in office.

Follow up Treatment-1 hour:  $60.00

Acupuncture treatment with additional modalities and herbal consultation as needed.  **Standard treatment after new patient consultation

Herbal Consultation-15-30 minutes:  $45.00 (price includes prescribed herbal formula)

Consultation and health history taken, followed by treatment plan and herbs given.
 ***No new patient consultation necessary, acupuncture not included.